Best of Boston 2017


For this Paperweight girl, my morning routine usually begins with a cup of coffee in bed and an immediate dive into the social media rabbit hole.  For many of you, I am sure this is an all too familiar and joyous routine.  What starts off with Instagram and Pinterest often comes to an end on one of my favorite blog sites. I have always envied the blogger life...OH what a life! It's the mythical unicorn of careers.  Being able to take your passion of fashion, or travel, or DIY and make it into a career always seemed so magical.  Something that you dream of achieving, but it often seems like a lottery drawing; seemingly impossible to obtain. 

When I began working, I always assumed that a job that you love was rare (or imaginary); that you got paid for a reason and just need to power through. That said, I have also always believed in doing your job the best you  slacking off! I got that from my Momma. She is easily the most incredible, hard-working person in my life. Anyone who knows her, would most likely use hard-working as the first description of her.  She is also a business owner, so she definitely gave me the drive to start Paperweight and really give it my all.  Not to drone on like a fourth grade writing assignment, but she really is a huge part of Paperweight and for that I will be eternally grateful.

Fast forward to this past week and Paperweight's Best of Boston win in Boston Wedding Magazine; not to mention the huge opportunity to contribute some of my calligraphy for this feature (shout out to Michele Snow and Boston Magazine for letting me be a part of it). What a week! I gotta say...I LOVE MY JOB :) Being recognized for all your hard work is a pretty incredible feeling.  I have spent the last few years working on Paperweight and really pouring my heart (and ink hehe) over endless invitations, escort cards, envelopes & signs and it has been a real Labor of Love ❤️.  I finally understand how all those bloggers feel 💕  Being able to take my calligraphy passion and make it a career, and on top of that...being able to share my journey with all of you is unbelievable!  Thanks for reading ;)



P.S. Here are a few of my favorite morning go to's for bloggers.  What are some of yours?  Please share in the comments!  I'd love to hear from you 😘

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