Hamilton Hall

Modern Indoor Garden Wedding


2017 has been a very interesting year so far!

As a newbie business woman it has been a year of reflection.  The conception of Paperweight (PW) began a year and a half ago.  It was filled with countless nights of brainstorming names and logos (don't worry I had wine...), not to mention figuring out the finances (ick!). Being a visual person, all my brainstorming was in the form of handwritten notes...ALL.OVER.MY.HOUSE...sorry hubby! Creating PW was a terrifying and exciting endeavor.  I was scared of failure, but I knew that if I never tried, I'd regret it.  I feared that Paperweight might be an epic blunder, and that I'd have nightmares of being laughed at in my underwear in the form of a boomerang loop over and over...and over.  

Since the launch of PW, I have wanted to share my experience and my different projects along the way.  I think it is safe to say that this blog is a teensy bit overdue!  It seems only fitting for my first blog post to fall on the almost-anniversary of my very first style shoot (eeek! So much fun!). AHHHH the Modern Indoor Garden Wedding :) It was inspiring to team up with women who were absolute masters at their craft.  When I received the invitation to collaborate on the shoot, it felt pretty great to be recognized by such accomplished businesswomen.  I don't want to drone on like a hallmark card, but I was honestly humbled by the entire experience and by the amazing ladies I got to work with.  I got nothin' but love for them! 

Once the shoot wrapped up and we began to see the final photos by the ever so talented Alisha, of Alisha Maria Photography I was amazed!  Being the Calligrapher, I came to the shoot at the beginning of setup and only saw some of the beautiful pieces, so seeing everything come together...wow!  Alisha submitted the shoot and it was featured on the Hey Wedding Lady blog!!!  It was definitely a pinch me moment.  

It has almost been a year since that shoot.  Paperweight has definitely done some growing.  I feel like the journey has been, for the most part, a good one.  Sure there have been some not so great moments too...but don't all the best adventures have bumps along the way.  I welcome new projects and new challenges, and I hope you'll be along for the ride!

xx Am


Photography: Alisha Maria Photography | Venue: Hamilton Hall | Floral Design: Lilac and Lily and Wholesale Garland | Wedding Cake and Sweets: Flour(ish) Bake Shoppe | Wedding Dress: Tulle Bridal Boutique | Bridesmaid Dresses: Adrianna Papell |  Rentals: Peterson Party Center | Bridal Makeup: Claudia Moriel Makeup Artistry | Bridal Hairstyling: Six Bay Road Salon | Signage: Antea Amoroso Design |  Calligraphy: Paperweight | Models: Maggie Inc