terms & Conditions

By purchasing any Paperweight Suite Collection, you acknowledge and agree to the terms & conditions below


Each PAPERWEIGHT suite is carefully designed to provide a unique and beautiful design for you the client. We do not offer any major changes to the design. Your design will remain the same, but all wording will be customized with your information and wedding day content.


It is extremely important that you thoroughly check your proofs for correct times, dates, and spelling of all words, including names and places. Once final approval for the Final Proof is received, you are giving PAPERWEIGHT the permission to print all pieces as they appear on your Final Proof. Once approved, no changes can be made and PAPERWEIGHT will not be held responsible for any errors found after your approval. 

time frame

CLIENT is entitled to one rounds of revisions.  Additional revisions shall be provided for an additional fee of $250.00 per revision round.   Once your final proof has been approved, production begins immediately. The design process timeline is dependent upon what print process you chose and any assembly and embellishment add ons. The production time can take between 6 - 12 weeks from start to finish. Please give yourself and us ample time to complete your order, taking proofing and assembly time into consideration. Delay in approving your proof will result in delay of your order.

 print vs. screen

We endeavor to display the products and other images on our site as accurately as possible. However, since we cannot control the capabilities and limitations of your monitor, we do not guarantee that your monitor’s display of any color, texture or detail of any actual products will be accurate. Due to this color variability, colors may vary slightly to the finished product.


All PAPERWEIGHT calligraphy is handwritten. Because of it’s handwritten nature, there will be slight variations in letterform as well as placement variances. Names, words, phrases and calligraphy addresses will vary depending on the letters, length of names, and will visually appear different from one another when compared. Addresses with 4-5 lines of text will look different from those with fewer. Please have this expectation set when ordering. Each calligraphed word is a single work of art, and must be appreciated as such.

calligraphy & the post

The post office reads envelopes electronically. Due to the nature of calligraphy, some addresses or calligraphy styles will be more or less difficult to read when put through the USPS, as is the nature with any hand written address. Any address that cannot be read by machine will likely be hand inspected. If the address still cannot be delivered, it will be returned to the address of the return. PAPERWEIGHT is NOT responsible for resending, reprinting or reimbursing for invitations or addresses that do not make it to their intended address. As with any mass mailing, you are likely to have 10 - 15% of your pieces be undeliverable. Please check your address list carefully to ensure all your addresses are correct to minimize this effect. 

pricing & payment

Once a suite collection has been chosen you will be quoted and billed on the cost of your order in USD. Payment is required before any design or production begins. Billing will reflect the actual costs incurred. Any additional services or items added to your order before completion of the order will be added to the final balance due.  The client will be notified of any price changes. Likewise, save the dates, invitations and reception suites will all be billed separately and as separate projects due to the accumulation of details throughout the design process.  Your final balance payment is due PRIOR to the finished product being shipped to the CLIENT. If final payment is not received, your product WILL NOT be shipped until payment is received, regardless of your contracted mail or estimated completion date.  


PAPERWEIGHT retains the right to reproduce, publish and display the Project in PAPERWEIGHT’s portfolios and websites, in galleries, design periodicals and any other media or exhibits, now known or devised in the future, for the purposes of recognition of creative excellence or professional advancement, and to be credited with authorship. Should images of work curated by PAPERWEIGHT be published, PAPERWEIGHT must be notified prior to its publication or feature.


All shipping costs will be totaled onto your final invoice. If the CLIENT’S product is needed quickly, the rush shipping fee will be reflected on the final invoice. If there are any minor adjustments such as actual postage or number of envelopes addressed, your final payment will be adjusted. The difference resulting in any increase balance owed will be reflected in the amount of your final payment due.

refunds & cancellations

Due to the custom and handmade nature of our projects, we are not able to offer refunds, returns or cancellations. Should a mistake be made on our part, PAPERWEIGHT will either reprint or provide a credit for the misprint. If there is an error that was approved by the CLIENT, PAPERWEIGHT will not be held responsible for any errors found after your approval.